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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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downtown orlando. amy sweezey is joining us now. a little windy out there? amy: it will be downright gusty later today. the air coming in is not warm and windy, it is cold and windy. highs today will only be in the mid to upper 50' s. that is pretty cool by central florida standards and we will have quite a bit of cloud cover, at least the first half of the day, lingering behind the cold front. without a lot of sunshine and breezy cooler air coming in, it will not feel very central florida like. not living up to our reputation of the sunshine state. sunrise after 7:00 p.m. -- 7 a.m.. it' ll will be a slow climb today. there is the rain that rolled through from overnight. we had a couple of showers. we' ve a lot of leftover cloud cover we are dealing with. we will break apart a little bit of those clouds, we will end up with some sun. we have to wait till tomorrow to get lots of full sunshine and
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look at the wind coming out of the west northwest. 10 to 15 miles per hour. it will be much windier this afternoon. actual air temperatures are cooler -- warmer yesterday that warmer than yesterday. when you factor in the wind, it feels colder. 49 palm coast, those temperatures will drop a little bit sunrise because of the cloud cover. 56 ocala, 57 in the villages. we will hit 59 in orlando in winter park. 58 in deland. we will top out in the lower 60' s farther south. jason: we have a crash on i-4 to tell you about. this is just after u.s. 192. it is right there at i-95. nothing slowing us down. here at the travel times. the 408 is up to speed along with i-4 in both directions. deputies were at a apartment
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there this morning. do we know if anyone was hurt? alex: the reports we are seeing hurt or hit. ucf news source night news says deputies have confirmed that this was a drug-related incident. a security officer here tells us the shooting happened in a building at the mercury 3100 apartment complex. according tonight, deputies responded to a discharge weapon call after midnight. when they arrived, they say there was a large group standing outside who yelled swat and ran off. deputies found a gun and marijuana in an apartment. it did not appear again that anyone had been shot. no victim was located. two people are in custody. that is according tonight news -- two night news. this is the
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that used to be called the village at alafaya club. it is now called mercury 3100. we are in contact with the orange county sheriff' s office to learn more about this. as soon as we get that information, we will bring that to you. live by ucf, alex villareal. michelle: commitment 2016, the first in the nation primary is underway. voters in one tiny new hampshire town cast their ballots at midnight. jason: tracy' s explained there are still a lot of undecided voters heading to the polls in the day ahead. >> three small towns voted just after midnight. casey and sanders one dixon bill notch. crews and trump and sent -- >> out the door, lines out the door. >> candidates continue their final arguments today. >> it is christmas eve for
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you all get to play santa claus. >> this is now crunch time. >> donald trump on the competition. >> all talk, no action. they are good at one thing, getting reelected. >> trump has a huge lead. the number two spot seems up for grabs. polls show crews, rubio, even k-6 and bush have a shot. >> get up early tomorrow and vote, get her -- get up early and get your friends and family to vote. of hillary clinton in the polls. >> i will ask you respectfully to please consider giving me the chance to do this job for you. >> today' s the last day and polls show more than half the electorate is either undecided. >> i don' t know who i' m voting for yet. voted the last minute.
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more than half a million people, that is two thirds of all new hampshire voters. in manchester, tracy potts. jason: the today show will have primary coverage. lester holt love a one-on-one interview with marco rubio. savannah guthrie' s live with john kasich. michelle: new video shows ocoee police rushing into a home in the middle of the night where they later fired shots. the man who lived here says they got the wrong house. morning. the homeowners and police. jazmin: this surveillance video shows what appears to be a the house with a gun. r. kelly police say they were there for a disturbance call. it was around 1:00 a.m. when police officers pulled up. explains. he said two officers encountered a homeowner with a gun.
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bullets shattered windows and walls of the house where the homeowner' s wife and child were sleeping inside. the homeowner says they had the wrong house. in a statement, the homeowner' s lawyer says he heard loud banging the door. his client asked the officer to identify themselves four times. the homeowner claims no one responded and that is when he got his gun. shortly after, police started shooting. his attorney tells us in ocoee officer at the scene later told his client that the officers admitted they had the wrong house. police declined to comment on that, citing an ongoing investigation. michelle: thank you. the kissimmee police department will be sweeping gas station throughout the city today, looking for scammers. last week, several devices were discovered -- discovered at
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this is one found at a 7-eleven on west vine street. jason: this morning, florida senator bill nelson is calling for ntsb to investigate why a royal caribbean cruise ship full of passengers sailed right into a storm. the anthem of the seas sustained minor damage when that left the coast of the carolinas. royal caribbean tweeted that guests will receive full refunds. the ship was posted stop at cape canaveral. will caribbean turnaround and it is heading back to new jersey. michelle: president obama will ask for nearly $2 billion to comment the zika virus. most of the virus -- most of the money would go to the department of health and human services to help develop a vaccine and research. there are 16 cases of the virus in florida. the governor says all of the
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jason: flint michigan is facing a lawsuit over the drinking water. the family of a two-year-old says she has dangers high levels of lead in her bloodstream. the water was not properly tested according to investigators and cause lead in the pipes to seep into the drinking water. dr. cedi led levers -- doctors say the lead levels were normal in her -- in the child' s switch. sophia' s ahrens says she is more irritable, has a high level of anxiety and can' t seem to concentrate as well as before. michelle: 20,000 fbi employees want to know how their contact information and it up on a hacker' s website. the justice department is investigating the data dump. information releases mostly public, including all numbers
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personal -- information like social security numbers. this comes after homeland security employees were also targeted. a local -- one solutions to end a cycle of hate in the black community. dr. seidel bland is holding a series of town hall meetings to encourage community to work together to end black on black crime. tonight' s meeting is at 6:00 at the john bridges community center in apopka. driver' s licenses and pay fines opened up in orange county. the grand opening ceremony is being held at 11:00 this morning on sand lake road. it will be able to process marriage licenses and much more. michelle: grabbed her jacket if you' re heading out the door, because you' re going to need it. our cold air is sticking around. jason: i felt like i was going to get blown down walking in from the state -- the car. what are we talking about as far
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amy: the air temperatures are warmer than yesterday. i' m not sure you notice it because it is so windy area cold front came through. look at what does for our highs. we can only recover into the upper 50' s and lower 60' s, well below average times area we' ve a lot of cloud cover, too. the class may break apart later today. upper 40' s and lower 50' s. it is not bad when you just look at the temperatures. it is the wind that will make it feel so much colder. 10, 15, even 20 mile-per-hour winds. the windchill of course a concern in spots where we dropped below 50 degrees. that is were windchill is calculated. 13 miles per hour wind, 49 degree temperatures feel like 44. it feels colder than it is because of the breeze. the rain that role during the overnight hour, dealing with a couple showers. we will have mostly cloudy skies today.
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55 by noon and then only in the upper 50' s and most spots later today. jason: thank you. we are checking your traffic. a look at i-4 westbound where there is a crash. we have a reported lane closure at u.s. 192. it will not slow you down if you' re heading to the area right now. at florida posture and fight, there is a crash for the northbound lanes at county road 470. all lanes are blocked. traffic is being did -- diverted. pushing for renovations to the lake baldwin v.a. clinic. michelle: how e-commerce consulting to jason: breathe new life into the facility. jason:a wild hit-and-run on camera. jason: the related
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>> you'
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jason: orange county sheriff' s deputies are at an apartment complex near ucf after reported gunshots overnight. deputies tell the -- tell us two people are in custody and two morning. michelle: a teenager in daytona after getting stabbed. this happened when the 17 euro try to break of a fight between road monday evening. police believe it part of an ongoing dispute. jason: voters in new hampshire began casting ballots it midnights. it is the first primary state which makes the win their very important for both parties. michelle: we expect to learn a clinic. jason: brett connolly is here with the push to get the old clinic up and running again. brett: today, we will learn more about a bill expected to pass in the house that is critical to reopening the silly.
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baldwin ba to the state of florida. the nursing home portion of the lake baldwin the a --va. some feared close entirely, but they decided to keep it open. the new lake nona campus is in southeast orange county that opened last year. it has more services as construction is completed. many believe getting the lake baldwin facility functioning is vitally important. >> it is outrageous that these of veterans here have remained vacant since the beginning of this year. no plan is in place. i asked them to have a plan in place. brett: last year, the clinic served 100,000 veterans with 1.2 million patient visits. a few months ago, robert mcdonald said his agency wants
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orlando to serve the medical needs of veterans. jason: thank you. a new government report released puts florida in a unique position. the national health interview survey came out at midnight and it listed us as one of eight states that saw significant drops in uninsured people. florida is the only state that is not accept a medicaid expansion. the legislature turned it down after a huge fight. 9.1% of americans still do not have health insurance. michelle: the trial continues today for a man accused of stalking gwenyth paltrow. she says they talked about -- he wrote letters that talked about her death. her security guard will be on the stand, he says he eventually stopped giving letters to her because they stressed her so much. jason: one man has been arrested after he was caught on camera
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did you see that video? police of the driver was trying to get away from the people on -- hitting his van. he backed onto a sidewalk before hitting a woman and driving away. the woman he hit is expected to recover. michelle: gas is now the cheapest it has been since january of 2009 with a national average of $1.74. the cheapest gas in the nation is being sold in oklahoma city. a 7-eleven is selling it for one dollar and 11 -- 1.11 dollars. we are just about the national average here in orlando with $1.79. jason: 5:18, we are talking about cool temperatures. again, grab that jacket for you had outside. michelle: is the wind making it feel that way, right? amy: it is actually warmer than yesterday. it is that wind that cuts
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it makes it real so much colder than it actually is rid when you look at the numbers themselves, we are in the upper 40' s, low-to-mid days. it is close to average. warmer than yesterday morning. all of the clouds are helping keeping this temperatures from dropping. getting the kids to school may need a layer or two because it is so breezy. they may not want to ditch it today because it is not going to climb very much as far as our afternoon highs. we are at 49 palm coast, 52 sanford and orlando. 53 right now in melbourne. it is a warmer start, these average low temperatures. morning. even though we have a few clouds, it won' significant drop. the clouds act as a blanket and don' t allow the temperature to drop as much. if you a few breaks.
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10 to 15 mile per hour sustained wind coming out of the northwest bringing in that cool air. later today, those numbers will be higher. 20 or 25 mile per hour sustained winds expected this afternoon. a big wind behind that front and another front, a little disturbance will reinforce the cool air and also help you pick up those wins. it will be gusty today. we will have that chilly wind, it will not be a warm wind that will be blowing. it will be coming out of the west northwest. it will make those mid-to-upper 50' s feel a lot colder. 56 our high today in salt springs. 58 in claremont. we will top out at 58 in longwood and a veto. 59 in winter park and st. cloud. mid-to-upper 50' s along the coast. a couple of 60' s, not many though. most of us won' t hit 60 degrees today. the farther south you are the better your chance of that happening.
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filtering in once we clear out the cloud cover and we get the clear skies tonight and the cold air still coming in, we have a freeze warning that is been posted for flagler and marion county endpoints northward. temperatures in the spots expected to drop to 32 degrees or colder after 3:00 a.m.. the rest of us will be around 40 degrees, a few upper 30' s rid we will likely have frost. then, of course, it will be clear -- today, we have to do with cloud cover. wednesday and thursday will have plenty of sun. by friday, back to 70 degrees. same on saturday. another cool down her way for valentine' s day on sunday. michelle: let' s give you a look at her traffic. we are dealing with an accident on i-4 westbound approaching state road 434. fhp is on the scene. there are no lanes blocked at this time. use caution as you have through the area.
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everything looks like is moving up to speed. jason: and unwelcome record for florida. michelle: how many (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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jason: happening today, a local four-legged hero will be honored for his bravery. michelle: this cannot visceral seve a shooting rid deputies responded to a domestic response: deltona. a man shot his girlfriend and the canine before shooting himself. the german shepherd was hit in the neck. he made a full recovery and is back at work. he will be awarded later this morning. jason: more people were attacked by sharks last year than ever before and most were right here in the sunshine state. that is according to a new report by the florida museum of natural history. 30 people were attacked in our state last year. the previous record was 88 total attacks. the encounters are expected to go up as human and spark -- shark populations continue to grow. michelle: a burger joint started
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in downtown orlando. this was founded by mark wahlberg and his brothers. is located on south orange avenue. at least one of the brothers will be there today. jason: next at 5:30, a shakeup could be coming to the race for the white house. michelle: we will tell you why michael bloomberg is considering a run for the . amy: a cold start this morning. when you factor in the wind, it feels awfully chilly. i will show you what it feels like an how cool it will be later today. you' re giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, presidential candidates are on a jazz voters cast their ballots in the new hampshire primary. the latest on the primary that could determine the direction of the race. amy: it is warmer, but quite breezy. how windy it will be later today. jason: gunshots ring out near ucf. we are live this morning as
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thank you for waking up with sunrise. i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle imperato. we are waking up cool this morning. some people aren' t even going to hit 60. a look at lake eola in orange county. where we headed in the day ahead? amy: a few degrees higher than where we are now. that is it. it is going to be tough to climb , especially because won' t get a lot of morning sun. instead, we are socked in with clouds behind that front. it is breezy now. it will be downright windy. we could have some gale force winds along the coast. hour sustained winds for the most part it they are coming in behind the cold front came through overnight. a couple of showers here and there. look at all of those clouds that are still left. around. we will try to break them apart
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not this morning. because of that, our temperatures are a lot warmer than yesterday. 48 so far the low in ocala. yesterday, we dropped to 30. it was -- is a whole lot warmer this morning than yesterday. you may not be will to tell, it feels kind of cool out there. 48 in ocala, 50 in the villages, 52 and kissimmee, palm coast is a 49. we will stay windy today and look at these highs only climb into the mid to upper 50' s. 57 bellevue, 58 in apopka. 59 maitland, 58 in deltona. up and down the coast today, we will climb to the mid to upper 50' s. a couple of 60' s to the south, but not many of us will hit 60 today. jason: we have a crash to tell you about on i-4 westbound just past u.s. 192.
5:28 am
the area according to first responders. we have construction in the eastbound lanes of the 408 at orange blossom trail. there is a left lane blocked in the area. we begin this half with commitment 2016. the first votes in the first in the nation primary. michelle: while the majority of the polling stations opened up at 7:00, voters in one tiny town of counted their ballots. nikole killion is in manchester with the results. >> only a few ballots have been cast, with many more to go in a primary that could determine the direction of the race. the first town in the first in the nation primary. voting at the stroke of midnight. two for john trump, three for john kasich and four for to -- bernie sanders. the latest poll from w m you are has bernie sanders over hillary clinton.
5:29 am
>> donald trump sits above the campaign -- gop field. >> the battle for second is now on. >> we will get a good report -- good reward for all of our hard work. >> after another stumble from marco rubio. >> we are how hard it is become to instill our values in our kids and set of the values they rammed down our throats. it is harder to -- >> in a state that prides itself on live free or die, many are still undecided. >> i was to all of them, it is the same old thing. >> those undecideds could be a key factor, so our independence to make up a significant percentage of the electorate. record voter turnout is expected today.
5:30 am
new hampshire talking to voters and tagging along with the you can catches live report from the granite dates darting on wesh 2 news first at 4. our commitment 2016 coverage is available on the go inside the mobile app. michael bloomberg is confirming he is exploring a possible presidential run. s looking at all the options. he says the public deserves better than what he is seen from the current candidates. a decision is expected next month. orange county will send out 70,000 apps a valid to -- absentee ballots to voters. florida' s presidential primary is on march 15. jason: a volusia county teenager is fighting for his life this morning after being stabbed multiple times michelle: rid michelle: police say he was trying to break up a fight between a group of students when things took a dangerous turn.
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jazmin: it was an extremely dangerous move. the victim was stabbed twice in the stomach and once in the chief. this started as a fight between middle schoolers in a field on sheridan road. a 16-year-old sophomore from atlantic high school jumped in and pulled out a knife and that is on the victim try to break it all up. >> it is something that has been going on in the neighborhood for the past several weeks where the older high school kids are picking on the midst -- middle schoolers. a 10th graders had to pull out a knife and escalate what is clearly some type of the leading that is going on. jazmin: that was the police chief. they are investigating this as a case of bullying. the victim is in the hospital in critical condition. jason: thank you, jasmine. an intense senior ucf as a gun is fired inside a nearby apartment. michelle: alex villareal is live at the scene.
5:32 am
alex: ucf news source night news says deputies say two people are in custody and another two remain on the loose. night news says that deputies have confirmed this was a shooting call. no victim was found. a person on the property at the time tells us the shots were fired inside a building inside the mercury 3100 apartment complex. the orange county sheriff' s deputies office answered a discharge weapon call a little after midnight. when they arrived, they saw a large group who yelled swat and ran off. deputies found a gun and marijuana in an apartment. it does not appear that anyone had been shot. this is according to ucf news source night news. two people are reportedly in custody and does go at large. to give you a better idea of where we are, this is the complex by ucf that used to be
5:33 am
we are in contact with orange county sheriff' s office. as soon as we get new details, we will bring the straight to you. live by ucf, alex villareal, wesh 2 news. jason: a missing baby has been found safe in fort lauderdale. take a look at this video. the reunion between the 10 month old and her mother. the baby' s mother says the child was inside the car when it was stolen from a laundromat. police are searching for the thief this morning. michelle: breaking news out of germany, at least eight people are dead and 150 are hurt in a head-on crash between two trains. the collision happened during the morning commute between two cities. some of the cars overturned and some people are trapped inside that at least 50 of the injuries are called severe. that death toll could still rise. the situation is still developing.
5:34 am
jason: new video shows two suspects linked to a bombing on board a plane over somalia. take a look at surveillance from the airport. investigators believe the guys on the right side of the screen had a laptop to a suicide bomber before the plane took off her it investigators say there were explosives inside. a passenger was killed when he was sucked out of a hole in the side of the act. six people have been arrested so far. rescuers are still finding people alive three days after an earthquake struck taiwan. at least four survivors were pulled from the rubble of a 17th tory apartment building on monday. more than a hundred people are still believed to be buried. the 6.4 magnitude earthquake has killed at least 14 people so far. michelle: president obama will unveil his proposal for the last time. this is the president' s final budget as he prepares to lee' s -- leave office. many believe the budget has a slim chance of passing because of opposition from the republican majority. denver will be party central as
5:35 am
super bowl victory celebration. jason: crowd will pack the street for a parade. the broncos beat the carolina panthers in a 24-10 that. peyton manning will not say whether retirement may be in his future. you can catches super bowl m.v.p. von miller on telling. you can hear about his celebration. ellen airs this afternoon at 3:00. michelle: we are talking about the cold weather that is sticking with us this week. jason: the temperatures bit warmer this -- today. you won' t notice it. amy: it will feel awfully cool in central florida, at least by our standards. we are supposed to be in the lower 70' s and a lot of us won' t hit 60 degrees this afternoon. we have a lot of clout this morning. temperatures are a lot warmer than yesterday at this time.
5:36 am
temperatures will be very slow to climb. we have got to 46 in ocala. yesterday was 30 degrees and we 49 and palm coast and 53 in melbourne. look in the wind, 10 to 15 miles per hour sustained wind. that is what makes it feel a lot colder. we have a lot of cloud cover, too. this will break apart a little bit. i expect full sunshine tomorrow. today, we have to do with the clouds. we will only be in the low to mid 50' s by noon. we will climb to the upper 50' s for afternoon highs. we will talk more about how long you minutes. michelle: here' s a look at your traffic this morning. florida turnpike northbound at county road 470. all lanes are blocked in the area. the turnpike. i-4 westbound.
5:37 am
no reported blockage. jason: a dangerous crook on the loose in orange county. michelle: the surveillance video from the robbery. jason: a helping hand.
5:38 am
the boy >> you' re watching wesh 2. jason: good tuesday morning, check out our camera pointing towards the maitland overpass along i-4. it is bouncing around a bit. we have a lot of wind this morning. it cuts down to the bone and makes it feel even colder than our temperatures starting a soft today. amy sweezey has your first alert weather straight ahead. michelle: happening today, volusia county schools leaders are pushing forward with a revised uniform policy. last month, they added bluejeans and added tweaks. everyone will get a chance to read it before it goes up for a final vote in march. teachers are meeting with parents about the ongoing contract dispute.
5:39 am
organization and a group called three moms held the first of three town hall meetings. they talked about sticking points like priorities, teacher shortages, and curriculum. the next meeting is at deltona high school. jason: two people are hurt after a five car wreck involving in orange county sheriff' s deputy. investigators blocked out or in the sheriff' s office said they before his cruiser was struck. we are told the other injuries are minor. michelle: orange county deputies need your help finding a convenience store clerk -- crook. you can see the suspect is crouching behind the counter with a gun as the employee cleaned out the register. a short time later, the same man suspected of robbing the circle k store on south cairo. the suspect is about
5:40 am
jason: a bill to revamp the these dates. both chambers are trying to -- senate. the house bill, nine of the 12 punishment. ucf is getting more money towards the downtown campus rid plan to donate $75 million to the project. that includes clash -- cash for land and classrooms. ucf still needs $20 million in state funding to begin the project. michelle: parents in orange county making sure the it is known they don' t want charter schools in avalon park. they say it is not built to new schools and all the traffic in the nest and it comes with it. schools would affect their
5:41 am
>> we are about to add 3000 more students right back into the place where we had taken the students out for overcrowding. we are trying to stop those charters and this is our last week to doing it michelle: county commissioners -- 2, a big targeted by thieves. michelle: esau are story and donated $1100 on monday. wesh 2 was the first to tell you about the trailer being stolen. more than $10,000 worth of items were inside the trailer did --. jason: we are feeling some cool air. amy, you keep telling us the temperature is warmer, but i could not do it. amy: it is significant, but it is that wind. yesterday, it wasn' t windy.
5:42 am
you go, that is really coming in. that wind is bringing in the cool air. look at what we are going to do this week compared to last week. remember last week was in the 80' s? now this week, we are talking 15 nine today, 58 tomorrow and it' s the one on thursday. what a difference a week makes. the cool air is coming in. yes, it is a warmer start. look at these compared to normal. it is right around average. yesterday was below average. mid to upper 40' s, lower 50' s so far. the close to normal. it is the wind that makes it feel colder. 53 melbourne now. we are at 50 in the villages. palm coast is at 49. we will drop a little bit through sunrise. we have a lot of cloud cover so
5:43 am
with these wins at 10 and 15 miles per hour at this time of mourning, it is colder than it is. it is 46, i let warmer than yesterday, but it will several degrees colder, more like 41 degrees at the northwest wind at 12 miles per hour. that will be the case for the day. the wind will get stronger later today. the wind will really gust, especially the coast. they will come in the west northwest. a chilly wind, not a warm wind. another disturbance to a north that will slide through. that will reinforce the cold air and help scour some of the cloud cover we have. tomorrow morning, we will have clear skies and lots of sunshine during the day, which means we will be even colder tomorrow morning in that of enjoying these 50' s. 56 today in ocala. 57 eustis and 58 clermont. this is how warmly will be this afternoon. we won'
5:44 am
quickly or far because we have the morning clouds and also because of the cold air that will keep pouring in throughout the day. 60 degree temperatures farther south. most of us will be in the mid-to-upper 50' s. 59 orlando and 57 daytona beach. 60 in titusville, 61 today in palm bay. the cold air is coming in. when we clear at the cloud cover tonight, that will drop to using again. we have a freeze warning effect for marion county -- and flagler county tonight. those spots will drop to 32 degrees or colder. once the morning freeze and frost melts away, we will be cooling in the afternoon. much like today, only in the upper 50' s, except tomorrow will have a lot of sunshine. we will climate little bit on thursday, not much. by friday, we are close to 70 degrees. michelle: here is a look at
5:45 am
we have construction on i-4 eastbound on south street and the left lane is blocked. if you are going through the area, go slower at that left lane is blocked. here at the travel times as you move through the area. everything is up to speed. jason: a historic higher in south florida.
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jason: welcome back to sunrise. here' s our weather camera at lake eola. it looks great out there. it was very cold. the temperatures are a couple degrees warmer than yesterday, but you will not notice because of the wind. amy sweezey look said to our tuesday in your first alert weather coming up on sunrise to florida -- florida officials are looking for your help in a recent anaconda siding. michelle: it was found in a melbourne backyard and it on most 80 neighbors dog -- the owner -- the homeowners dog. anacondas can weigh up to 200 pounds. state wildlife officers say the snake and multiply rapidly and
5:48 am
jason: the orlando magic are back on a winning streak and looking to keep it alive. they beat the hawks last night in atlanta. the hawks began with a 20 point lead, but the magic will -- do not let it stay there. the magic ended 117-110. they face the san antonio spurs. history has been made in south florida as a miami high school hires the first female football coach. michelle: she will leave the team in miami jackson senior high school. she is known as bernice on the reality tv show south beach toe. she has plant jason: coming up on -- at 6:00, a tense scene plays out after an overnight shooting near the campus of ucf. michelle: alex villareal' s lives what we are working on for 6:00.
5:49 am
apartment complex near ucf area i will tell you what else deputies say they down in the apartment. jazmin: and ocoee family wakes up to a police shooting into her house. surveillance camera caught it all. we will show you the video next at 6:00. the reason why police were there in the first place. amy: we have a bunch of clouds streaming through central florida. it is from the cold front overnight that brought us rain. temperatures from dropping too it is a chilly start. we are in the 40' s to the north, lower 50' s to the south. a whole lot warmer this morning that was yesterday rid it is awfully breezy, too. we have those 20 mile-per-hour winds expected. coming up at our next hour, we will talk more about just how cool we will be today. how long equal stretchable last and when we will finally get back to that 70 degree mark. jason: it is party time, especially for folks in new orleans.
5:50 am
we will have a live report from universal today. john must decker will be reporting and our 6:00 hour about their little party. jason: if you are looking to get into the fat tuesday spirit, they can help you out. keep in mind, 8:00 a.m. is the first parade rolling demonstrated new orleans. it will be a fun one this morning as we look live into new orleans and what' s ahead on cw18 with a live universal orlando
5:51 am
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